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2002-02-04 06:09:29 (UTC)


People like to do something in their spare time.These
things are their hobbies.some like paintting picture,some
like listening music,some like travelling,and so on. Every
people has his own hobby.
I live in Beijing.It's a big modern city.People's life are
so busy.So they have few spare time.They want to plan their
spare time well,and do something that they like to do.
The city is more and more modern.And a lot of new things
came to this city.So people's hobbies are more than
before.To climb the moutain,to dance in disco,and so
on.More and more modern things are intersting.Like surfing
the net.People can chatting eath other in family,in a
computer.Even they are coming from all over the world.
people's life is activer than before.

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