Thoughts to Share
2002-02-04 06:05:31 (UTC)

No longer a teenager

I have realized this weekend that I truly am blessed.
Today's sermon at my home church really touched me. I know
I need to work on some things, and I am going to do
it...when I figure out how.
Friday I had a nice drive home. It was windy, which made
it hard for me to drive, but I sang a lot, and rode with
the windows down b/c it was beautiful. :-) For supper my
mom fixed all my favorite foods. Burritos, mashed
potatoes, stewed okra, and oh wow...Hershey bar cake.
Yum. :-p Spent the night watching Making the Band.
Sh...I'm a closet O Town fan.
I slept so well Friday night. Didn't wake up until 9:30,
and it was great. I think in my bed here at school I think
too much. Like...just the whole atmosphere here is so
stressful, and that carries over into my sleep patterns.
But when I go home I leave so much here at school and I
sleep so much better. My mom and brother went to WCU for
the day b/c Daniel is a regional finalist for a teaching
fellows scholarship. :-) I'm very proud of him. My dad
was out running errands. So...I took advantage of an
empty, quiet house to....nope, not study, but catch up on
the Real World episodes I missed. :-p Must get the
important things taken care of you see. I had lunch with
my dad and grandma. That was nice. I need to become more
connected with my grandma b/c she is such a special lady
with limitless knowledge of so many interesting things.
Time to go to bed...weekend update (that's for you Heather)
to be continued.....