The Xdruggie Files
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2002-02-04 05:40:11 (UTC)

Serene Sunday

At last a day of serenity. Got up this morning to go have
coffee with Coach and then went to an 1100 o'clock AA
meeting. The topic was keeping it simple and relapse. I
needed the meeting. Came home and had some Ben and Jerry's
Cookie Dough bars...SO GOOD. Jeffy was over with Rick when
i got home. Rick had a project to do at his boss' house so
we went out there to do it. My lower back has been killing
me all day with spikes of of pain through my legs..so i
just kinda got on the floor and didn't move while he did
his thing. Nice house though. I want a house at the res. on
the water. Came back and went and had pizza then saw
Jeffrey with Jeffy and Bubba. Did some of Bubba's laundry.
I folded it. We played games with Mullet and Kym and a new
chick in IOP, Kristin. She's seems pretty cool. Glad to be
hanging out with the Bubbanator again i missed him. I got
in touch with the first guy I had sex with tonight. I need
to tell him that i am having a story published about the
first time we had sex. Wonder how that will go over? I
finished my moral inventory and am giving my 5th step
(admitting to god, ourselves and another person the exact
nature of our wrongs) to Lulu on Wednesnight. I hope it
makes a big difference...it's kinda scary.


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