still single

sick of all the sh*t
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2001-04-24 05:12:27 (UTC)

still hating men

Okay well I never did hear back from Eddie the guy I went
out with on Saturday...obviously he thought about my hair
problem and decided he couldn't deal with it..I am a bit
disappointed but have decided not to tell a potential beau
until he's either going to find out or he's already
smitten...fuck being honest and up front..just gets you
screwed over...on a brighter note I KNOW my boss likes
me...It has become very obvious..he told me today that I
look like Shannon Dougharty...never heard that one
before...heard Demi Moore but not Shannon..I guess it could
be worse..he didn't say Rosie O'Donnell or Roseanne Barr or

I went jogging today after work at Mission Bay and took my
dog..I feel so much better when I run, walk, or just do any
form of cardio...It's just getting off my ass to do it
that's the problem...of course the first thing I did after
I was done was light up a Marlboro..go figure. I want to
email that asshole Eddie and tell him that I didn't realize
he was such a pussy and so shallow..just something short
and vindictive ya know? I am shocked that I am not a
Lesbian yet after all the shit I've gone through with
men...FUCK!!! I just hope I get married before I'm 30 but
that's starting to look less likely every year...shit I'll
be 28 in August...ok if I'm just engaged bu the time I'm 30
that would be fine too...okay well I'm gonna go to bed and
dwell on the fact that dickanus never called me
the way..I appreciate all the feedback....night

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