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2001-04-24 04:28:56 (UTC)

Damn its already the story..

Damn its already the story about uni....

This was a great time for me it was the most funniest yet
saddest time all rolled into one.

As you know I went to the university of Wales for the
year. I don't know why I chose this uni just that it was
some gut reaction to go there. It just felt right when I
visited this place.

well I went to "Aber" (Aberystwyth for short) in the
of September for freshers week, that was fun, actually I
blew almost a 1/3 of my loan in under a week, not really
that good.

I was in a resident hall for my first year and this one
lush it had carpet and en-suite facilities, (bit better
than PGL) I was sharing it with 4 girls and 4 guys. We had
never met each other before,
It was funny seeing all these people come with there
mothers and fathers for the first day. I think I saw
everybodies fathers and Mothers that day. Me... I was on
own I could'nt bear it if my father and mother came up
me,,,, actually I felt really old when parents thought I
was the hall director....

I remember meeting everybody, there was Karolina who I met
first, she was polish but she came from the same area as
thats Croyden it was funny because It was such a small
world out there, Then there was Zena, she was from Epson
which is also only the next town along, The world is
getting even more smaller..... But then last but not least
there was Danielle a girl from Newport in Wales, the first
native I met in Aber, She was real cool, we all went out
for a drink the first evening I got there.

I met Richard the next day, he was the guy from Swansea,
had the most heaviest Welsh accent I have ever heard it
almost impossible to work him out, but nevertheless we
became good friends and he introduced me to Rhain and Dave
a pair he met from his last college in Pencoyd in Swansea.

Sue was a cool girl as well she was from Birmingham and
was really sure of herself, she was probably the strongest
willed girl I know and she certainly made her presence

then there was the two costas from Greece i never really
saw thm that much but they had there presence with their
loud music..

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