The Diary of an idiot
2001-04-24 04:06:05 (UTC)

April 23, 2001

The first day of having an onilne journal..
i have so much to say but i don't know what to write
and what to say..

Well i guess i'll just start with today. Today i think
i found the formula for my social life... over a month ago
i broke up with my girlfriend. Ever since then I haven't
been able to find someone who would be able to take her
place as my best friend. In this search for a friend i
have taken myself from the extreme of being alone for the
rest of my life never giving relationships another turn
down to the ridiculous thought of me trying to be a playa.
(and i do stress the tryin part). But what i think is the
best is to have at least 5 very close female friends but
with no interest in starting a boyfriend girlfriend
relationship. But as time has proven to me God has a sense
of humor and so i should leave Him with His room to work.
So if he should see fit to involve me with another woman
then i'll go for it. But if not I will just be cool with
everybody. And if i am lucky enough to be seen to be by
myself for the rest of my life then that's cool with me
too. Well its a little late and I have to get up early
Until Then

My Saying for Today
"If women are supposed to help men and God declared
the male female relationship as good. Why did God have to
put Adam to sleep inorder to give him a wife"