lost in the dark
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2002-02-04 03:58:41 (UTC)


Hey Entry. Second time tonight that I post to you.
Something that does not happen all that often. But, I guess
that tonight might be one of those nights. I sit here
thinking about Her, Is she thinking about me, probably not.
I think about what I use to do to get her attention. Saying
something smart witted to get he to laugh. Is almost like
watching water fall from a rose petal. Beauty is something
that is of the moment. And moments are to be chairished.
Wonders never seem to amase me. For the thought of
sitting at night looking over the big lake at night.
Watching the sky and water line melt into one. Looking at
the dark water so flat, reflecting the moon and the stars.
And I thought that I was going to bed in a pissy mood. What
ever brought these thoughts to me, I am glad. For the
picture for her face is still bright in my mind.

Tonight I fall asleep thinking of you. S.

Lost in the Dark...