2002-02-04 03:05:53 (UTC)


blahblhablhablahahhahahaha BORED.
i am not used to being BORED.
and i dont like it so much. not at all.
i dont feel good. my tummy hurts a way a lot.
i just drove around for awhile.
i still feel like i want to puke though.
i have felt like this all day.
i almost did. but i didnt.
maybe i should.
i have this icky feeling.
and my mommy has it too.
she hugged me and told me she wanted me to stay home.
and usually i would for her.
but not tonight. tonight i dont want to be here at all.
i dont want to be anywhere.
i dont feel right anywhere so i just keep driving around
hoping ill feel better
but i dont.
people are talking to me and i dont even want to talk to
i always feel so distant from everyone else.
probably because i am.
and maybe thats my fault.
there are so few people that i know who i can actually just
TALK to.
and the few i can i cant talk to right now.
which maybe isnt such a bad thing.
i have nothing to say.
nothing at all to say.
im not in the mood to disect how utterly stupid this world
is and im not in the mood to be involved in any drama.

i miss jessie.
i hope that she comes back soon.
shes such a great person.

shawn needs to get off of work soon

i want a hug.
i want a brandonemily hug
yes. but i wont have one of those for awhile probably.

i have had no coffee all day.

heh i think its funny that its so easy to be like =) =) =)
and peopel think youre happy.
typing is so impersonal.

i dont even want to sleep.
i dont want to move and i dont want to sit still
i just want things to be different.
my back hurts so much so so soo much

"i mean, yeah i want to be with you cuz of the whole in
love thing but if you don't want to be with me, i can
respect that"

thank you. i love you.

um more driving time almost time for the shift change at my
favorite place in the whole world so...
ill go there and finish my folders.
the fun part is left. yay.