In the Eyes of a Dreamer
2002-02-04 03:00:36 (UTC)

Painting sucks......

I spent my wonderful sunday painting the stage for my
band director's playhouse. The blue is never coming out of
my nails. wooooo. last night me and sarah (and her brother
jeremiah and his friend zach of course, oh and stephen)
watched jeepers creepers, god that is the lamest movie i've
ever seen in my life! If you haven't seen it, don't waste
your money or your time, lol. but the guys made fun of it
so much that we did have fun last nite.
sarah rescued me from my mother who was bitchin' about
me giting a job, blah. I suppose i should get a job because
i don't want to live at home or with my grandparents when i
go off to college. Me and kates are plannin on getting an
apartment, but i don't know if that's gonna work if i don't
have money. I swear money is evil.
i realized yesterday that it's february, which means 4
more months til i graduate! wow. scary!
well i gotta go, readin some email and stuff. talkies


im wearing my flame pants and red tank (cuz i'm cozy for
I'm listening to hey (or when the drugs wear off) by
and I'm readin mail and trying to download this damn .wav