Lenore the fool

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2002-02-04 02:18:57 (UTC)

I wish I didn't know

I wish I didn't know what was good for me
I wish I could just ppush it to the limit
To fall down and break
I want to be hurt
I want to feel the pain
Suddenly feeling like I was really here
Feeling as though my actions and thoughts had consicences
Finally I would be caught
Exposed as the imposter that I am
The traitor finally convicted of treason

I wish I didn't know when to stop,
I wish I didn't know when enough was really enough
Take it to the point of breaking
And to steam through to the pain
I want the other shoe to drop already
I want to get my cumupence
For my impure mind
If my mind is so twisted, why wont it let me hurt myself
Why does it distributemy pain to others
Let me finally feel the pain
Let there finally be a sweet release
And I'll break
For the last time

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