LeaMarie Roquet

Priestess Of Fire
2002-02-04 02:09:49 (UTC)

Fear and Friends

I went to the school dance on Friday. I had fun, but was
scared out of my mind. There was these two college kids
there, or at least that's what we think they were. They
were hanging around and generaly making fools of
themselves. But they stated hanging around our group and
hitting on us. Us girls were getting some really bad vibes
from them, and non of the guys really noticed for a while.
But one of them started hitting on me and it really made me
uncomfertable. I'd hit been hit on by one of the
underclassmen and that was fine by me, it was innocent
comments from them, but this guy just creeped me out. Well
it looked like he was going to ask me to dance, so
I "politly" left. (In other words I got up and hid behind
Chad.) And the guy left us alone for a while. Chad told
Tess and I that I was leaving at the same time they were,
so they could get me to my car safely. They guy tried
hitting on me again, and Chad stood up to him. They guy
claimed that he was a chaperone. Yeah, right! We know
almost all the parents and chaps, around. We went and told
Shwager. Shortely after that Chad went and told the guys,
(the ones that could kick those guy's butts) what was going
on and that we were leaving. I have never been so thankful
to have friends like that. I haven't been that scared since
the time I was up in the cities, and we were being followed
by some guys.

On the bright side, Tess and SC tried to make me feel
better by fighting over who was going to dance with me!
I've got some really great friends.

Gotta go!


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