*~My Thoughts~*
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2001-04-24 02:59:12 (UTC)

Todayz entry

Dear Diary,
I'm soooooo etc. sorry I haven't written in so long. I've
been like off-line for a while. I STILL haven't found a
b/f. Megan is going out with Jeremy!!! And she is
planning on breaking up with him tomorrow. I definately
wouldn't dump him, even tho I don't like him.
I had a sleepover this weekend and Megan, Randi, and Kiara came. We
did a Come to me spell for me. I binded David to like me, and so
far, it hasn't worked. I wish so much that someone that my friends
and I considered suitable would ask me out. if there's N*E* guys out
there who's single, I am too. Just e-mail me.
PS. Especially guys from Lakewood, WA, but other guys will work 2 =D