Something like life
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2002-02-04 01:18:56 (UTC)

Home's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.

It's Sunday night, Superbowl Sunday. The Pats are up 14-3
at the half, so Sludig informs me. The Patriots were always
mine and my father's pet underdog team when I was growing
up, so it's great to see them winning the Super Bowl... I
bet my dad's happy, wherever the fuck he is. Unless he's
lying in a gutter somewhere which is entirely possible.

I had a great weekend hanging around Cleveland. We went to
Coventry, which is the closest thing to an "alternative"
community northeastern Ohio has... by "alternative" I mean
that there are things like vegetarian restaurants, "new
age" bookstores and a food co-op. Well, there /was/ a food
co-op, but it moved. I was bummed. I wanted some loose
Jasmine tea and some Orangina... and maybe a nice slab of
organic free-range antelope or something. Heheheh. Oh well.
I did manage to score a beautiful black wool cloak. It's
full-length, fully lined, with a turn-up collar and it fits
me perfectly. It's vintage and it only cost me $25 at the
Renaissance Boutique, which was having a sale because it's
moving. I was rather surprised to see a sign on the bright
green velour couch next to the fitting rooms that
said "don't touch the cat." Well, the cat touched ME so I
figured it was ok... a vintage clothing store with a
vintage cat. She was 20 years old, didn't look a day over
8. I wondered what her secret was.Not that I'd want to look
like I was 8. Although I was pretty cute then, you know,
already had boobs and such. Did I ever mention I was a C-
cup in 2nd grade? No? Well I was. Yeah. Every pervert's
dream... little catholic schoolgirl with boobs. Anyway...

I went to Delphic Books and grabbed a peppermint tea and
bought some incense, while the guys got lost at Mack's
Back's Paperbacks. Mack's is a unique little bookstore
chock full of old fantasy series and such that Bull and
Sludig and the twins haven't seen in years so I knew that I
could leave them there while I shopped elsewhere. All in
all it was a fun trip. The guys even found some old GI
Joe's at "Big Fun". I'll describe Big Fun maybe at a later
date, since it is definitely strange enough to warrant a
passage of its own.

I also spent the weekend recooperating. I've been quite ill
for the last couple of weeks. And I'd gotten so used to
being sick I didn't even realize how bad I was. The purpose
of going to Cleveland to begin with was for me to see my
doctor. My illness timed itself perfectly, so it seemed. I
have bronchitis. They gave me a breathing treatment (thank
GODS!) and some 'roids and a new inhaler called Q-Var (I
love that name, sounds like a Star Wars character) and some
antibiotics and some more of the same other shit I've been
taking. Whee. But now that I can breathe I realize just how
sick I was before. I mean, I barely had energy to get up to
go to the bathroom. Yuck.

Well that's all I'm gonna write for now... I have some
catching-up to do on my webpage and stuff. If you haven't
visited it lately, please do visit again. I really made
some massive changes last week.

May the Force be with you...

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