Dick Doomsday

Pathetic Punk
2002-02-04 01:15:43 (UTC)

Cheese Louise

Well last night i went to those two parties. My mom
wouldn't let me use her car so i had Mark drive me. I
invited him and Bubba to Amy's party. We went to
say "Surprise" and leave. She didn't end up gettig there
until like 8pm. So we just socialized with people. Mark
knew Scary Mary and Dion. So he and Bubba stayed around
them while i mingled with everyone else. Right before we
left John and his friends showed up. He said he
wasn't going to prom so now i have to find some one else
who will buy my ticket.

I met some a new dude at the party. His name was Nick.
Wow...he's such a cutie pa-tootie. He looks like a mix
between Juan and Tony. Anyways he's gay and just so
adorable. He's only fourteen. If only he was older and
straight. Well we left around 8pm and went to Deannas
party. Her party was cool. I love her "family". When i
first met them i felt weird and thought i could never be
cool with them like Ashley was. But now i realize i am.
Everyone there knows me and i can carry a converstaion with
anyone there. Anyways, mark was drinking and doing jello
shots and regular shots. I just sat back and watched him.
For some reason i felt like i had to be his BabySitter. So
i didn't drink much. Plus if he was getting wasted i HAD to
stay sober to drive. So we leave back to Amy's party. When
we got there everyone and there mom was already wasted. I
didn't really like it much. I guess i have for sure grown
out of that stage. I just sat and chilled with Serena and
Sammy. Mark was off with his new little friend Bubba. I
dunno if he realized it but he ditched me. So i was like
whatever. Then we went back to drop off Jimmy and his
girlfriend and we drove back. I didn't really want to go
back but we did. This time i just sat somewhere quiet.
Eventually we left again. Only cuz mark wanted to go back
to deanna's to drink. Then after we went back to drink,
mark wanted to go back to make out with some little gay
guy. He wanted to ditch dee's party to go make out with
some gat dude. I thought that was fucked up. We didn't end
up going. Anyways, he ended up drinking some more and
socializing with his litle friends. Before we even went he
said the reason he would really go was because i would be
there but there he was not even paying attention to me.
This further pissed me off. Then while i was chatting it up
with Ed and Jessica by the fire pit i see him hit a pipe. I
felt so dissapointed and let down. We made an aggreement
earlier that he was not going to smoke AT ALL that night.
But there he was hitting a pipe. That pretty much topped
it. If i could hold my own and not smoke why couldn't he.
He said it was only one hit and it was Deanna. But you know
what? Dee asked me to smoke so many times that night and i
resisted. Anyways, he totally ignored me the rest of the
night. That hurt too. Oh well. I talked to dee and she
asked if i had taked to him yet. I told her i hadn't. I
didn't do anything wrong this time so i don't think i
should be doing the calling. If he truely is sorry then he
should call me. But i know he's stubborn and he probably
won't bother to call me. But i'm used to it by now. After a
while you gotta get used to it. Anyways, i gotta go to
circuit city for something. Later.