even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
2002-02-03 23:45:54 (UTC)

i threw up on the side of the road...

ithis was.. mayeb last weekend, but i dranl some wheat
grass juice, not on an empty stomach and then i ate and it
made me really sick.. i threw up aout aums car window on
the side of quinlan.. it was bad.. but some lady stopped to
help us out... she was really nice... ahse gave me some
fizzy water and offered to drive me home... but.. so then,
the play is over, and we;'re all like, man.. im glad itso
verm ui couldn;t have taken it much longer, cause it was
just too much, so.. we go home.. ont he way home,w e talk
about.. ghosts or soemthing and joselin and i are like,
ok.. whatever,.. ghosts.. sure, and mike is like, really...
welll damn.. chelsea and candice got really scared when i
told them that, and we're like, yea well... so we come
home, and we go to sleep... and joselins liek its so cold,
its so cold... so we wake up.. and.. maybe the boys come
ober.. oh, no, they come get joselin, but i have to work,
so i go to work, and it kind of sucks, and the girl isn;t
very nice to be, but i made soem nice tips, and my arm is
really sore, but i got some experience, aand it was kind
fun.. then i came home, and joselin came over, and we
talked for alittle bit, and we were supposed to go over to
chris klingers to watch movies, bu he never called us... so
we went to sleep, and then we woke up today, and theboys
came over, so i could help aum with his paper, but it
turned out he didn't even really have a topic picked out,
so we picked him a topic, and we wrote a kind of outline,
and then we sat around for alittle bit, then we went to
starbucks to get soem tea, and it was nice.. and htne we
came home, and heather got here, and we made aum answer the
door, and we were like, tkae yur shirt off, it'll be
funny,. shes a morman! but, he didn't... and then i went
with heather to philips and then, i already talked abotu
that, so.. im back to now... when nothing is happeneing.. i
just talked to sam.. and hes a good guy, and he said
soemthign that walsike, ahh sam knows.... but, im not sure
if he does, cause joselin told it to him... but either way,
those thoughts are good, no matter where they come from..
so my back hurts, and maybe im just goign to go to sleep
early, cause i don;t think at all that im goign to go out,
caus my stomach hasn;t felt the same since i ate the steak
at joselins.. also, aum and mike met danny... hehe, they
were like, i want to meet him, and i wa slike, na, you boys
stay in the car, but they didn't, and it hink it was good..
and mike and i decided that we're goign to be ninjas, cause
it'll be more fun that way, and uam toomaybe, cause.. all
of us should be ninjas, cause that would be super... also,
at philips, we plrayed before wwe ate.. and i was like,
ack... bu i held hands and stuff, and said amen and stuff,
cause it was a ncie friendshippish prayer and i thought it
sounded good...