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This is Reality?
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2001-04-24 02:17:16 (UTC)

... I swear I have no life...

So this is today. I stayed up until 11:30 last night
writing my paper, and didn't end up going to bed until
about a quarter to one. (I had to clean up the kitchen a
bit before going to sleep.) This morning I slept through 45
minutes of my alarm, but was ready early for my ride.
(Thaks be to God I took a shower last night!)

I was so tired by the time I got home... All I wanted to do
was take a nap. Instead, I watched movie, but the VCR
didn't work so I had to take one out of another room, and
hook everything back up. Oh Joy. I ate my lunch and watched
Meet the Parents, and then started on my homework. (Then
about five pm.)

Between five and seven, I got one half of my history
homework done. I went downstairs, ate dinner, did some more
homework, did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen (which
took about 90 minutes), and then came back upstairs, worked
on homework for a few more minutes, reconnected the VCR's,
and then sat down to do more homework. Reading about "de-
Stalinization" is really, really, *really* boring. I only
have six pages left, thank God. Maybe I'll be in bed by

Tomorrow I have to stay after-school, and then finish
reading a book for my history class so I can write a paper
on it, and turn it in early. Then there's all my regular
homework to still do...

I have no life. And I am never going to get all of this
work done before I leave for Chicago.

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