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2002-02-03 23:36:49 (UTC)

Super Bowl

Today is the Super Bowl.I dont really care who wins.Well,
I guess I hope the Rams win cause our teacher had us put
who we thought would win on the board and the ones that are
right get a prize.My parents are hoggin the TV, so I came
on the internet.
Two days ago I read chattybratty's 2nd post.She can be a
real pain sometimes.Does she know a joke when she hears one?
When she made her first entry there was like one thing that
was kinda like mine.Then, at school I got on her case about
it saying she copied me.I didnt say it seriously.I was
jokin and she gets all uptight about it.What a pain.So she
has to complain through out her entire entry.
Ok, moving along..I've gotten to one point in Chrono
Cross where I have to go to each of the four dragon and
battle them.I've only battled two and each of them beat
even though I had 999 hitpoints!They're pretty tough.Maybe
I can find a cheat that'll make me immortal.Mwahaha!Then
I'd really be unstopable.
Grrr!The puppys still arent born yet!Whats taken them so
long?If they arent born by Tuesday Im gonna drive that five
hours down to the breeders(even though I cant drive yet)
and ask whats the problem.Haha.I saw a funny saying from
Oliver Twist.Its "Hullo, my cuvey!Whats the row?".Heh
heh.Dont ask me what it means.I think in American it
is..uh..er..."Yo!Wzup?!".Haha.Oh!I think I forget to say
that I got a *****4.0***** on my report card.Woohoo!
I keep forgetting to work on my story.I guess I'll
continue right after I'm done with this entry.Ok, gonna go
soon.Is there anything else I need to say?Why am I asking
you?Lets see...Ummm...Oh well, nothin else...This message
with self destruct in 5 seconds...5...4...3...2...1...poof!

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