even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2002-02-03 23:36:19 (UTC)


so.. this weekened.... well, lets start with today, just
now.. iw ent with heather to eat at philips house, form
english to eat dinner, cause we'd been planning it.. and it
was nice, we made pizza and spring rolls, and it was
pleasent.. there house was really nice, kind of out dated,
but very homey... and his parents were nice, and his
sisters were nice, and the food was good, but it was kind
of werd, being at philips house and eating with im and hios
family.. but it was nice, i felt kind of awkward, but in a
good way i think.. i feel kind of sick... we got invited
over for sushi, we're gonna make it ourselves.. so that
should be fun.. only al ittle awkward.. but fun... so...
ok, friday, the biys came over, didn't expect them, and i
say the bosy, i mean mike and aum, they just show up, but
thats good, cause thsoe boys are fun.. the had just gone to
whole foods to buy some detox tea for aum.. poor aum.. if
hes nto clean hes goes back to thailand, and thats gonna be
terrible... naomi asked me if i had been smoking weed and i
told her yes, cause i figured its better to be honest, caue
it hnk she'll respoect that more than if i lieid, even
though i think she thinks just a little bit less of me
now.. at least i was honest... so i chilled with mike and
aum, then we had to take aum home, and we met up with
amanda and we were gonna go to the school to see the
play... and we did... mike and i got lost thought, goign to
some girls house, so we drove around and talked and it was
nice, not awkward like it had been before, so it was nice..
but then we found them, at the school...also, before that
wwe went to whole foods again to buy some wheat grass for
aum.. i just called him and told him to go get some, i bet
that was odd for him.. randoim call form katy, go drink
some wheat grass juice... ack, but i bet it'll be
we go to the play, and we had smoked, and it was kind of
weird... cause... it was really weird.. mrs blake comes to
talk to us, and she sees the jug of water, and shes like..
ummm, and we're like its water, smell it, taste it and she
as like... it stinks.. and i was like, yea its in a milk
container... but then ther was this tall hguy talking to
amanda and we just started laughing, all of us, for like,
an entire minute, just like, doublked over laughter and it
really wasn't very funny... cause im sure we all smelled
reallly bad and they were like... they are laughing.. uh
oh... and the play, incoherant... it was a musical.. a
roman musical.. they were barefoot... and in dresses.. oy
vey...and i ran out of gum.... but.. then we came home..
with out incident, and my mom was talking to me nd i was
like, what?! what?! cause her talking, also incoherant.. i
wasn't the smoothest one.... but then, we went to sleep,
and joslein was like, im sick, im really sick, oh im so
sick.. and i was like, joselin, thinkg about it less, and
you'll feel better, but i don't know if she did or not...
she didnt, i mean, she didn't feel better.. and ithink im
sick too.. at the play, i dont; knwo, i think i saw this
weird parralel side of joselin.. shes not very true to
herself, and i knew that, but.. really shes not... i see it
alot when shes stoned.. .like, some one will do something
thats she doesn;t like, and she'll make a face and stick
out her tougue and be like, blehhhh... and the other night
i said osmething, and miek lauhged and i laughed, and
joselin was like, waht? and i was like, nothing, and she
was like, tell me, and i was like, really, its nthing, and
she was liek what is it? and i was lke, really, its
nothing, and she wa slike, fin, ok, if you dont; want to
tell me, whatever, you can just eb oike that and not tell
me, fine,.. and i wa slike, whoa... chillax joselin... i
said somehting and we laughed, thats it... its nothting to
get pissy about, and she was liek, you could have just said
that... and then she like, really exageratedly turned her
head and was like, so, amanda... and i was like, ok...
joslein.. thats odd...

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