Mysterious Attitude
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2001-04-24 02:01:49 (UTC)

Monday April 23, 2001


I went back to school today after bein off 10 dayz.. it was
aight I guess.. I didn't really miss it tho lol :) Then
after school my aunt Renee picked me up along with Joe..
and I went home with them... chilled at there house 4 a lil
while then came home.. got online sent this song "Best
Friends" to Kelly.. and did the Cha Cha Slide... I'm sorta
tired.. and today was a boring day... and startin today I'm
going to do on a diet... and do the Cha Cha Slide and other
exercises... cuz I need to lose sum weight... lol well
that's bout all 4 now.. bye bye