2002-02-03 21:36:49 (UTC)

100th ENTRY!

What's going on? Well, this is my 100th entry! Dang, it
should probably be more, but sometimes I find myself busy.
I won't find myself too busy for the next week though. I've
been suspended for a week from work. It's cool though. I
just see it as a blessing from GOD because I really have a
lot of stuff to catch up on. So....it's straight. But
anyway, I went to the game last nite. Did I say I would
have a nice time? Ummm.....complete opposite of that! I
mean, it was cool....but me and Charvis just aren't.....I
don't know! I told him that he was a ho and he didn't
really say that much to me. And he lies a lot too. Over
simple stuff....stuff that you shouldn't lie about. But the
game was cool. I saw Rashad Johnson. Man, he acts and looks
like Leroy. He even wears his hat just like Leroy. He was
cool though. I don't think I want to try a road that I've
already been down before....I'll pass that exit! Anyways,
I've been feeling like "blah" lately. I don't feel like
dressing up for anything or even going out with friends.
All of a sudden, I've had this new fear come over me. I've
never really had a problem being in front of people and
talking, but now.....it scares me to death. I get all
sweaty and shaky. It's horrible. I've been trying to think
of a way to get over it, but I can't really think of
anything to cure it. I just hate the fact that it's come
now....why not when I was younger? Well, I don't have much
more to say. I have a test to study for and I gotta work on
my project. I'll HOlla-xoxoxo

??????,*MS. JLYN*