Visions Of Life
2002-02-03 21:36:27 (UTC)

Riding The Roller Coaster Of Life..

I am feeling alot better. I finished my taxes and filed
then and all of that shit. Hopefully Ill receive my refund
in 2 weeks or less. I paid my rent and have a lil cash in
my wallet. I think I should be okay.. Still need a job but
its not as life or death as it was before.

My moods are up and down and its pissing me off. I know its
because of stress but damn. Cant I just stay happy or sad
for longer then 10 minutes? I mean, hell, Id rather be
depressed then deal with all this cycling.

The other thing I need to work on besides the job hunt is I
need to decide my school situation. I will be in some sort
of school. I just dont know if I should start massage
therapy school now or wait till I am more financially
stable. If I do not go to massage therapy school I will
take some other clasees. I am still indecisive about what
kind of degree I want. I am interested in so many things
and I want to learn them all but sadly, the cost of living
does not allow that. One thing at a time(except when it
comes to sex) Thats my new motto. My other issue with
school is what the hell do I do once i have that piece of
paper called a degree? Rah! It will all come to me in
time..Maybe I should meditate on it for awhile.

Looking for a job is depressing. It reminds me that I have
no education(tho i think im smarter then alot of people who
have gone to college) and it reminds me that I have no
skills. *sigh* Whats annoying is I cant get paid for what I
love so I am going to settle for doing something I feel is
mediocre, just to pay the bills.