No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-02-03 21:26:20 (UTC)

yesterday fun

hey! yesterday was fun. I got really burnt at Drill
practice. O'Brien tackled O Neil at practice thursay, and
we were going to get him back. I suggested we throw water
at him. So, Tricia, Ashley O Neil, Robin and I filled
bottles with water. As soon as he was done with exhilbition
practice we threw the water all over him. He was
like "that's cold" It was great. lol.
Andy came over yesterday also. We went to the dunes,
then walked around the woods and where gone for 2 hours
wihtout realizing it. We got back to my house adn hung out
in my room with Tricia. Then, we went up to the dunes with
tricia. on the way there, Andy picked an orange off a tree
while we were walking through someone's yard. The guy ran
up behind Andy and was like "why are you stealing from my
tree?" andy was like "i wasnt" and threw the orange. the
guy asked where he lived and his name and started yelling
at us becuase we were tresspassing. andy was like "you dont
know where i live and you dont need to know" it was great.
But, you have to understand that these people NEVER eat
their fruit, it rots off the trees. So, why he got mad i
just dont know. We came back home and hung out in my room
with tricia. Then we walked around stonehenge and played
video games. He beat me in the Battle on N64, and then i
beat him raicng. he didnt wanna race me cuz i was winning
so he played sonic which he sucks at. it was great. then we
hung out in my room, teased trish for a while, and then he
went home. it was fun.
My mom likes him. she said he is a nice kid, has a wild
side, but knows how to behave. lol. he's insane.