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2002-02-03 21:15:27 (UTC)

Rachel's Interpretation of Canada Trip

She's much more descriptive than me I thought you'd all
appreciate it haha. Although Only like 3 people read this
I have returned from my first Canada trip :)
It started out kind of funny, the bus that was driving in
front of us had some huge ice sheets flying off the top of
it. We were super scared that it was going to hit us or
something. It was like we were in a video game.
Then we made it to Ashley's town, and Erin and I headed off
to the mall. That was fun times and yummy pizza.
Then, eventually, we were off to Canada. Crossing the
boarder was easy, and I was extremely happy when Ashley's
friends got ready quickly ... way better than Erin's
I wish Nick could have come with us ... I thought about him
a lot.
We started out at this small bar ... then went to a big
dance club. Both were a lot of fun.
Then, for some stupid reason (i think he dropped his beer)
Brian got kicked out of the club and Ashley got all pissed
off. So the three of us CMU girls headed back to the hotel,
with every single car filled with guys yelling at us "Hey
ladies, aren't you cold" or "Where's your jackets? Need a
ride?" Ashley and I kept yelling " We're not fucking cold,
leave us alone!". Eventually, we found our way back to the
hotel, where the drama began between Ashely and Brian. So,
the four of us girls who also stayed in the hotel fell
asleep in the living room section of our room to the sounds
of SClub7 on the tv, attempting to drown out the raised
voices in the other room.
Then we woke up and started driving home. I didn't feel
well, but thought I could make it.
In the end, the car ride got the best of me and I ended up
throwing up in a McDonald's bathroom. Throwing up is gross
enough, but imagine in a public restroom. Nastiness.
Then I slept the rest of the way home :)