victim of circumstance

all i know is i don't know nothing
2002-02-03 21:04:03 (UTC)

song number 37

the sun'll come out tomorrow
well why can't it come out today
we need it this time to chase our storms away
the ghosts watch silently as we pass from room to room
the demons latch onto our twisted thoughts
twisting them even more
never more than a glance do others interfere and interact
acting like they care and feel
and there is a heart within that cold stare
enough to strip you down to your bare soul
that they can't really see and no one can
except for yourself and even then
sometimes the view is cloudy
how can others help you if you don't help yourself?
how can others like you if you don't like yourself?
how can others understand you if you
don't even understand yourself?
it hurts to see you hurting
i want to be there but i can't
conflicted and confused like a star that nobody wished upon
you amble on, convincing yourself that everything is allright
denial is sweet and the only way to live
face the harsh reality for all it has to offer
you never know, the illusion of life could be better than you think
eat drink and be merry, my friends
all are welcome to the drunken orgy feast

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