Product of a Broken Home
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2002-02-03 19:08:42 (UTC)


"i will show you pain/ where the winner never wins/ put
your hair down/ wear the dress your mother wore/ let me
sleep beside you."
~Let Me Sleep Beside You~David Bowie~

This girl is made of loneliness, a broken heart/For the boy
that she once knew doesn't want to know her anymore/And
this girl is a lonely girl/Everything she wants is hers but
she can't make it/With the boy she really wants to be
with/All the time, to love all the time./This boy is made
of envy, jealosy/He doesn't have a limosine, really wants
to be a star himself"
~Maid Of Bondstreet~David Bowie

"its a god-awful small affair/to the girl with the mousy
hair/but her mother is yelling no/and her father has told
her to go/but her friends are no where to be seen/as she
walks through her sunken dream/to the seat with the
clearest view/and she's hooked to the silver screen/but the
film is a saddening bore/cause shes lived it ten times or
more/its about to be lived again/as they ask her to focus
~Life On Mars~David Bowie

song, stuck in my head for various reasons..i think i need
to listen to some non-David Bowie music...oh fuck it, i'm
enjoying being depressed