DayDream Believer
2002-02-03 19:06:21 (UTC)

Im miss him

Im at Ms Lindsay`s now, babysitting. I`ve allready got the
kids in bed. (yes I know its not feair) Cuse Im supose to
be writing my essay now (yes the noe who was suposed to be
handed in last week) but I cant come up with anything to
write about, anyone?

Cause all I can think about is S*. Im looking at some
pictures of him right now at his web site, I miss him -I
miss him- I miss him....
Im gonna go and see him next time he`s home, thats for sure.
About that, ehm, today when I was babysitting I took the
kids with me outside for a while and eh, suddently we where
ouside S*`s house...
Well, its a good thing he`s not living home anymore *crying-

Good for me he`s coming home soon, I dont know if he`s
coming home for our winter holyday but at lest he`s gonna
be here for easter. Then Im 18, wow thats s nother scarey
I cant turn 18, then you`re supose to be a grown up. I vant
be responseble for who`s get the power in this country, I
should not be aloud to wote. Or driving cars, what are they
thinking, someone could get killed.
I remember when I was about 6 years old, the I diddnt want
to become a teenager cause thet looked stupid. For me it
seemed then like a teenager was someone who was always
hungry, could not find his place in the comunity, like he
or she was to old for the kids but yet to young to be with
grown up`s. And thouse who thought they where cool was the
worsed of them all. But now I have come to understand that
this is probobly the best time of my life:-)
And being a teenager was not at all so bad that I once
thought. I wanted to fall to sleep at 13 and wake up as a
20 year old woman. And then I wanted to fall in love and
get pregnant. Dont get me wrong I stil love children, but I
think Im gonna wait for a little while longer than that.
Wow, I had a good fantacy when I was 6, good it all turned
out to be nothing to be scared of.