Corruption in all its beautiful forms..
2002-02-03 18:41:13 (UTC)

Sometimes love just aint enough

"There's a danger in loving somebody too much, when you
know its their heart you cant touch, theirs a reason why
people dont stay where they are, baby sometimes love just
aint enough"

I never cared about anything but my friends, its all good,
its good for ya it adds character, how bad can it get, ill
be okay, lines that i used. Caring too much about something
meant losing it along with your heart. I cared too much,
Megan, Jennie, Dan S., Jake, Frank, Missa, Jordan, Freak,
Kurt, D, Greg, Sean, Anthony, Tom, Leah, Jared, everyone,
my life, my breath, I cared too much, and now Ive lost it,
Ive lost my heart my soul, my breath, and I dont know how
to get it back. I dont know I can live.

"Mama whispered softly time will ease your pain life's
about changing and nothing ever stays the same and she
said, how can i help you to say goodbye, its okay to hurt,
and it's okay to cry, come let me hold you, and I will try,
how can i help you, to say goodbye."

Maybe somebody could help me....