Corruption in all its beautiful forms..
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2002-02-03 17:52:44 (UTC)

The Sucking Sensation called My Life

hi....the life of a hick. I wake up I go to Holmes High, I
have to wear a fucking badge ID thing on my shirt, I have
hour and a half classes, only four, people are fucking
STUPID!It makes me want to gouge my eye out with my pen,
the girls wont talk to me, the guys only want to get in my
pants, people think they're hard, walking around claiming
CC and shit, gangs, beating people with bricks, this is not
cool. My mom punching me in the head, she's too small to
hit back, her bf carrying me into the house by my
throat...guys like to hit me, do I have a big fucking sign
on my chest that says, "HEY IM A GIRL YOUR A GUY YOU SHOULD
BEAT THE FUCK OUTTA ME!!!?" I think not, but Im starting
not to trust my judgement. Well, now that ive become one of
those stupid self and life loathing losers, i will leave
you with sucks.Out.

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