a little piece of me
2002-02-03 17:49:04 (UTC)

another little rant

ok, well i've been up for a while now, and haven't had much
to do. nothing exciting has happened. i do want to bitch
a little about something i saw on tv yesterday. i was
flipping through the channels, and i came across qvc. they
had this lovely 8 piece (or something like that) 'perfect
eyebrow' stencil kit thing. they were going on and on
about how the eyebrow is key to looking perfect. if you
have bad eyebrows, you're doomed to look hideous. the kit
had this damn little stencil that you put over your eyebrow
and fill it in. then you yank out any hairs that fall
outside of the shaded in area. how fucking rediculous is
this???? to make such a big deal over eyebrows? a little
patch of hair over your eye? so now all the women in this
country are going to walk around with eyebrows that are
exactly the same shape as everyone else's, because that's
what it takes to be beautiful...perfect eyebrows. i
swear! stuff like this really pisses me off. the vanity.
ack. makes me want to puke. we have a war going on, and
we're concerned about our eyebrows!! holy shit. sure, i
have issues with vanity. probably because i am ugly
myself. but come on. eyebrows?! shit.

alright, i feel better. so there were a few other things
i wanted to mention real quick like. over the weekend, my
mom's package came in...she joined a sci-fi book club (they
have steven king stuff in there, which she wanted).
anyway, she let me pick out a few books. i got a book of
brom's illustrations. some of you might know who he
is...he does a lot of magic cards. this book fucking
rocks. he's brilliant. it's got some sketches of his and
stuff in there, too. not just the finished works.
amazing. i also got a book by boris vallejo and julie
bell. i could flip through that book for hours. if you
don't recognize these names, shame! boris is very well
known for his fantasy art. so is julie actually. i could
only dream of being as talented as they are. sigh.
anyway, i also picked up the book 'fight club'. i've read
all of chuck's other books (oh yes, all these people and i
are on a first name basis lol), so i figured i better read
this one, too. i've seen the movie countless times. so
far there are several differences, and i've only just
finished chapter 2! i heard the book has a crappy ending
compared to the movie, so be prepared for more bitching in
the future.

alright, i've got much to do today. have to finish my
wings for design. i really think i'm going to need some
help. they're so heavy and it's going to be hard to get
them mounted on the harness by myself. oh well. shouldn't
have skipped class i guess. didn't have much choice
really. anyway, might be back later. oh, go rams! they
have their training camp here at my college over the
summer, so that's the only reason i'm rooting for them. i
helped them get where they are today (jacked up my damn
tuition to build them a fucking locker room...no, i'm not
bitter). hehe, take care everyone.