Can I love?
2002-02-03 17:33:41 (UTC)


Sorry I've not updated sooner but I've had a bad week.
Last time, i said thing were getting better. That fucking jinxed
it! It all went downhill! G was beat up, all my mock exam results
were good except the 2 i need to get into college! I feel depressed
and i can't find an outlet for my feelings. i want to cry but I'm
cursed to not be able to!
Felt like killing myself on Tue. I rang G just to say
goodbye. B4 I hung up, he said sumthing. He sounded on the
verge of tears. i felt very selfish I had made sum1 I cared
for cry! I then swore i would not take my life.
Now, I'm kinda regretting saying that. Next time, maybe I'll
say nothing. Just slip in the knife. Or use the rope
Damn life-I hate it! It's meaningless.
Well, until next time (if any)
Au revoir