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2002-02-03 17:12:24 (UTC)

Sunday.... A day of sadness.....

Well if you couldn't already tell it is Sunday. I have to
work and my baby has to work. But hey it is ok cuz we got
to spend time together yesturday. Which is great. I love
her so much and I can't see myself with out her. Her
parents are still pissed at me which I don't blame them.
But it killed me yesturday when I walked into Shelly's
house and her dad didn't even say hi. He just gave me a
head shake. I mean I don't blame him for being mad at me
cuz i did disrespect him and his wife. But I wish he would
please forgive me. I am at least happy he did let Shelly
come over. But it still hurt me for him not to say hi. And
Shelly's mom also. Cuz even when she was mad at me she
would still at least say hi to me. But she did either. I
can never apologize enough for wHat I did but I am truly,
truly sorry. I have a feeling that they will never forgive
me and that dose hurt a lot but I guess I will have to deal
with it. I did this and I need to live with it. Shelly when
you read this please tell your parents I am truly sorry.
(Trys not to cry) I really didn't mean to hurt anyone and
never to disrespect anyone. And I am very sorry and I hope
someday that they can forgive me.