Love, Sex and College
2002-02-03 16:56:27 (UTC)

More to the story

I saw Andrew about 3 weeks ago, It was beautiful, we
decided to stay together as long as we could. I have now
started sleeping with someone else, my friend Josh. We hang
out alot and have a lot of fun together. But Josh will
never be my boyfriend. I still love Andrew. I do have more
to write to the story and I apologize for not writting for
nearly a month. Things have been rough and good all at the
same time. I feel better than I have in months. More to
come later... I do have to do some back tracking, I have
been very bad about my journal, I promise to get better.
The story of Andrew and Megan is not over, and will not be
for a while. It is always unfolding with new twists and
turns.... until then.... cheers.