Mind Unleashed
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2002-02-03 15:59:40 (UTC)

Everything s the same old, same..

Everything's the same old, same old.This week is gonna be
kinda hectic-I gotta bio test and an english essay
due.Meg's informed me that she's gonna go to Australia for
one month this summer to take some summer courses-I feel a
little jealous especially 'cause I'm gonna be going to New
York to take some summer classes too and I was hoping to
spend soe time with Meg, but I guess I'll have to make due
with spending only some time with her.Also, I'm gonna be
taking the SAT in May and the ACT in June which if I study
really hard hopefully I'll get some really good scores.I
hope that everything goes well and I gotta remember to ask
my Dad for money for the fees for my tests and for the
college application.