Saving the Day
2002-02-03 15:31:31 (UTC)

If i could be your first real heartache, i would do it all over again

So last night Kerry and i went to ye olde show. it was so
much fun and all of the bands had improved so much since i
had seen them last. when i showed up at mitch's house i was
the only one there so i helped him pick out his attire for
the evening. man, that kid has so many cool clothes! we
listened to some of his songs that he wrote and man they
were good (except for the ford "teampo" song, its just
disturbing (but entertaining)) finally everyone showed up
and it was mucho funness. When kerry finally showed up i
was happy because i was scared she wouldnt know how to get
there. After the show, we were desperately looking for
someone to take us in and let us crash at their house.
Seth, the saint he is volunteered his living room to the
entire group, but when the night was over there were only 3
extras. Before crashing we all went to erics house and
chilled. i was so nervous about my mom, i couldnt eat and
was shaking uncontrollably, i felt so stupid, but i couldnt
help it. luckily i'm blessed with great friends and a great
boyfriend who warmed me up (kerry blanket!) just sitting on
that couch watching dumb and dumber i just felt really safe
and secure. if i could have stayed like that forever, i
would have been alright. but unfortunately, the group minus
kerry, braden and i went on a little breaking rampage and
we got kicked out, (three chairs and a fridge) then we
headed to seth's house where i crashed on the floor and
dont remember much else except my dream i had about the
circus coming to Galesburg. that brings me to here. i
rolled home at 9:00 this morning, and i think i'm going to
spend the day making up for sleep and then watching the
superbowl commercials. if you contributed to my good
weekend, and even if you didnt, thank you! i'm out
SONG: "if i die" -something corporate