A Girl's life
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2001-04-23 23:15:17 (UTC)

My bornig freaking day

Dear Diary,
Today was a pretty boring day, much like my weekend. lol. I
didn’t go to school today. I didn’t feel like it. And my
mom and me were talking about it, and I think I might end
up taking my GED after all. I’ll be able to go to college
anyways, and the school is right around the block
(literally). I cleaned my room today. Hooray for me! And I
also called Patrick, but his phone was off, so I’m guessing
he was in class. Yesterday I started talking to Tiffany.
The famous one that wanted to kill Carson. lol. She’s
actually very cool. We think so much alike too; it’s just
really funny. I mean, at first I totally didn’t like her.
But I’m over that. It’s like me acting like them girls who
hate me, so I don’t hate her at all, she’s mad cool. But
Mike had to tell her “I’m not FOND of her”. WTF is that?
Like seriously?! Well, I am obviously over my crush on him.
I mean he’s cute, but I’m starting to see him differently.
I won’t get too detailed into that though. I’m going to
like go and wash my hair and junk. It’s curly right now; I
got to blow it out. I haven’t even been outside yet. I
seriously need a damn tan! I’m looking in the mirror, all I
see is my white mother fucken face. I can’t stand that.
Well, I have a couple of months before Patrick comes back
here. Dannie said she was going to take me with her to
California. I’m actually flattered, she’s so nice. I don’t
know why she lets people walk all over her like that. And
she’s sad all the time. Just like Juanita. I’m just like
STOP complaining. You’re a beautiful, sweet, cool, and fun
girl. Why does it matter if you didn’t meet the backstreet
boys yet? They haven’t been around when you were a young
girl. I mean, I love them too, but there’s more to life. I
know I’m probably just saying that cause I’ve met them
already but still. lol. I hope she does get to meet them. I
know that will make her so happy. At least she has an
awesome summer job waiting for her. I soooo want to go to
Cali for the summer, I hope I get the chance too. And I’m
so happy the weather’s getting warmer. I just want the
beaches to open. Ya’ll know my ass isn’t going to be in
school. I’m going to be tanning 24/7. I need to look cute
come summer time. Haha. I realized I’m so self-conscious.
I’ve also decided to not speak to some of the other
wannabe’s for a while.
I’ll talk to Natalia, but everyone else I’m just going to
avoid. I want to get away from MTV for a while. I’ll only
go when BSB comes. lol. Well, that’s if I can get in I
mean. Because knowing MTV, they’ll probably not want to let
me up. Bastards! They honestly don’t appreciate shit. I
missed a whole week of school for them. I didn’t even get
paid or anything. Not even any food. I hope this whole shit
blows up in their face. I mean I say that because that’s
what I feel, but if they ever wanted me back, I’d get there
within a 2 second time period. Anyways, that’s enough of
me. I’m going to go on napster now and download some songs.
Peace! JoAnnY*