Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-02-03 14:43:16 (UTC)

Birthdays, Aches And Explaining Rules To Mates.

Well, Friday and Saturday have been busy, hence the lack of
entries, I've not had time to hear myself think, never mind
catalogue these thoughts into something worth writing down.

Friday night, I went to see (or rather hear) what the rest
of the squalid bunch they call students would vote as their
favourite tunes of this year. I was disappointed, a little.
However, when you put me on the dance floor, I go like a
Duracell bunny (its not often enough I get to go like a
rabbit - actually, maybe it is).

Thus ended Friday night. Saturday started later, fresh
juice, of course, and a very good friend came up for the
weekend. This involved football (again) in the afternoon,
something that would be far more bearable if I didn't ache
like Jonah's whale for days afterwards. Its my own fault,
so I shan't complain, but it does hurt.

Saturday night, we went out, again dancing the night away,
to celebrate a friend's birthday. One of her friends is the
most attractive girl I know, certainly, but....well, you
know....professionally trained dancer, too....

First of all, she's way out of my league, that's the truth,
make no mistake. Secondly, she's a good friend of a good
friend, and there's rules to keep to in these situations.
Anyway, I give it more importance than it deserves, it took
about 10 seconds to work this out. Went a little like this.

Well, how are you doing? A friend, well then. And not an
ill thought ever. There you go. Self-discipline. I'm proud.

WILT? Oddly enough, My Generation - Limp Bizkit.