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2002-02-03 14:42:44 (UTC)

don't know what to feel

Ken confessed to me last night via the messenger
that he "accidentally" read this diary. well, honestly, i
don't know what to say. i have always been wondering how
it feels to have someone who knows you in real life read
your personal, i still don't know what i feel!
it seems that he came about it about 2 days ago, i asked
him how he "found" my diary but he refused to tell me.

now that someone i know is reading my diary, should
i still spill my secrets here? bitch about the people
around me? hmm... i seriously don't know. it's interesting
to know that he will be reading my thoughts but what will
happen if i say something bad about him? will he pretend
that he doesn't know & act cool?

he left a nice message for me after reading my
diary. i was touched that i had tears in my eyes. it was a
sweet thing & i felt really good after reading it. maybe
someone really cares for me after all. okay, it's not like
i am saying that my family doesn't care about me, i know
they do but it's not the same right? i know i have close
friends who care a lot about me but i don't think that i
can share this kinda stuff with them. way to personal or
maybe i haven't found the right friend yet?

got a lot of feedbacks from people who read my
diary. a lot of advice. all i can say is thanks a lot. i
really appreciate you guys reading & leaving me messages.
hope that you guys receive replies from me. if you
haven't, i must have missed yours, sorry!