Visions Of Life
2002-02-03 14:05:44 (UTC)

I Just Dont Know...


Another Anti Poem

This maze
Curse of the human heart
Betrayal within
Why wont it just end
Swirling emotions
Good Bad
Anger Love
I cant decide
I can only cry
Because nothing else makes sence
Why do I do this
Over and over
Cant I make up my mind
Search for some sort of stability
Instead, its tug of war
Emotions the rope
I hate feeling torn
More then I hate being alone
Not such a bad tool
For the inevitable will come
Sweet lies dont last forever
Bitter truths are always right
Frail hearts always shatter
Literal poisons
Tainted love in bloom
Avoidable actions
Prelude to a death
Fortold long ago
I cant survive like this
Why cant anyone see me cry
See me wither in this shell
Lose all my inner light
And die another death