Voices in My Head
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2002-02-03 11:48:04 (UTC)

strange things...

i've noticed some things lately that seem very odd... when
i'm driving around at night lately or walking somewhere
i've noticed that my neiborhood seems darker than it should
be, the streetlights and the lamps seem very bright and
clear, but the light doesn't fall very far from the light
itself. everything is black and covered in shadow, and
sometimes i swear i can see a web covering my gaze,
clouding everythng around outside. i can see the strands
linked and spead over the sky...

last night i was walking home from a friends house and it
felt like i was in a wide space out in the open that could
be seen for miles, rather than the small street lined with
houses so close together that you could barely walk between
them... i felt like i was being watched, but not like
i was being followed... just watched. almost as if all over
the country people had stopped what they were doing to
watch me with a strange feeling of curiousity, as if i was
an oddity or an animal in a cage at a zoo, or some place
just as full of spectators.

the further into this year we seem to come the stranger it
is to be here, i wonder what else will begin to happen as
the year presses on...