Pure Belligerence
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2001-04-23 22:51:25 (UTC)

*How am i soo happy?*

Kat got back today.... i didnt see her yesterday like i was
supposed to.... and its because she was in a mental
hospital. This girl is the sweetest person.... and i
thought always happy.... but shes depressed. And it
probably doesnt help that her best friend just died. She
told me before that shes been on meds and is seeing a
psycologist.... but when she was talking to me about it
today and i asked her why she was in the hospital she just
said i was in the hospital... lets leave it at that. ok
there bud. And now roxys telling me shes been depressed
and im the only one she really feels like she can talk
to.... and im talking to her now online and shes like....
i'll see you in 60 years.. ill miss you.... im just like
dude no... but she said she'll call me soo... and then
christen suffers from depression too.... she was in the
hospital a week before we went to mexico..... and now my
mom just told me that she and pete are going to lilians
wake, the woman who babysat me and scott when we were
little... its sad..... this is the woman whos couch we
stuck gum behind (i still feel bad about that.... i wonder
if she ever found it?) and whos pool we used to jump in. I
had to stay after today to make up a test i missed from
when i was absent. I did that and then i saw shalane so we
talked until about 3:10 and then i walked home, its only
about a mile and a half away.... then i layed in the
hammock and read a mag. and then i jump roped some.... then
i called veronica and her brother was being really
annoying... kept stealing the phone away from her and
talked to me.... some of my friends say he likes me.....

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