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2002-02-03 11:37:02 (UTC)

Where we`re at

Friday I was out on the club, finany. I havent been there
on mounths and going there wasreakky good for me I think.
Finaly I got to dance and relax, not only focus on homework
and my jobs.
Afther the club had closed I went up to my job to talk to
my boys there. That was fun, I think its the only place you
can find good and nice bos there, to bad....
They where all playing around having fun, it diddnt look
like thay where working to hard, it was Tim`s shift, he sat
upstars talking in the phone, the rest of us where
downstars on on the internet.
I was a bit drunk, not much, but it was hard to focus some
times. I had some red wine. The day afther I got relly
sick, for hours that was all I could think about. But Im
all good today. Dont think Im gonna drink red wine for a
while though.

I called Stians brother, we talked for a while. He was home
and was not going out that night so I said I was gonna call
back some other day. I was a bit strange to talk to him,
but also fun. He wanted to know who he was talking to, but
I couldn`t answer that.

Me and Stain has stil not talked, but I guess thats the
best way anyway.
Yesterday I was lisneing to the cd he gave me, so now he`s
all I can think about.
My sweet litte boy, what have I done to you?

Cessy called yesterday, that was nice of her. She said that
Dante always ask her things about me. Whats wrong with him?
Why cant he jsut come to me and say what ever he wants?

The same with Chris, now we`re not even talking. But I
guess thats just the way he is. Maybe he`ll came down when
he gets a job I dunno. I understand him so Im not mad at
him for not having time to talk to me always.

Today Im gonna work at Ms Lindsay agen, even thought its
Sunday. Im gonna take the kids to bed early cause I have a
essay to write. (well, we where supose to hand it in on
Thirsday but no one did)


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