De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2002-02-03 10:21:50 (UTC)

The Goonies

Sunday 03/02/02

Last week has been pretty crap at the office due to some
admin problem with my colleagues and my bosses... but
they've sorted it thats's slowly gettin
better..seems that the knot is unravelling itself!!

Team Farquaad met up on saturday for coffee and a
movie...that's me, david and luke...i think it's great the
team is still meetin up..heheheh...that's the benefit of
being the smallest project group : )..we watched Rat's alrite...has its funny bits

had a nice swim at the Aquatic Centre on Sunday morning
with ben... it's been awhile since i hit the waters ..but i
felt so invigorated after the swim!! great feelin...the
aches came gradually the Aquatic Centre is
located in the suburb of Kilbirnie..we had to take a bus
over the felt great to get out of the city !!

luke came by in the afternoon and invited me for a joy
ride...couldn;t resist..although i'm quite tired : P...we
went over Mt Victoria again!! to kilbirnie where we did
some groceries shopping...bought a Watermelon..yumm...
haven had that for quite some time..great stuff...

watched The Goonies after that, it is one of my fave
childhood movies...really good to watch it all over
again..i remembered i was so enthralled watchin it when i
was young... also watched Hackers... good movie...although
people who knwo some bit about computers may find it abit
tacky..but good nevertheless...

well it's work again tomorrow..but Wednesday's a public
holiday...Waitangi it'll be a nice break in the
middle of the week...