Dreamscape 2: Waking
2002-02-03 08:54:49 (UTC)


I feel like I am a worthwhile person right now. I feel
vulnerable, and loving.

I am fairly certain this feeling will not last long.

I need to get academically responsible soon, so much work
and so little time.

Why is it that my lungs wait until sleep needs to happen to
fail me?

It might be unfair of me to be studying religion, I am
simply legitmating my criticsims.

A halfling, a beholder and demon walk into a labrynth,
who's standing? Meaghan of course :)

Why is the fridge in the upper lobby, it is defrosted, the
responsible would have out it back in place, instead of
drinking too much and trying to brag about it.

CompCons is full of incompetence, does this make me feel
bad that I am associated, or good that I have grown so

Hopefully soon I will be biologically functional.

Ian, just Ian right now...