Do I get my lap dance now?
2002-02-03 08:49:45 (UTC)

And no one's going to tear me down.

So I'm going to a superbowl party tomorrow, and I'm totally
banking on Sean being there so I can screw his brains out
and brag to Samantha about it. Ha ha, Samantha, you jerk.

I made cupcakes tonight. I haven't iced them yet, but
they're going to be Patriot/Rams cupcakes, because I think
that's who's playing.

Oh, and I saw Kelly tonight, and I'm the better person
because I shrugged her off first. haironyha. She's a
creep, too. I kinda feel bad for her, though. Her
disposition of life just sucks. According to her, her life
is absolutely horrendous. I told her I'd just gotten her
16th birthday photos developed, and she kinda
shuddered. "I got cake shoved in my face and pushed into
the pool." No, you're parents went whackey and rented a
d.j. and made a huge bon fire and all your friends came and
bought you presents. It's kinda funny how she only
remembers the parts she didn't like. heh... I was the one
who rammed cake into her face, but that d.j. dared me to do
Man, I need to start having birthday parties again. I'd
love it if someone threw cake at my face. I'd hope they'd
get it recorded with my camcorder. Too bad none of my
friends are loose enough to put cake in my face. They're
not very naturally funny people. Hmmm... who has my sense
of humour? George. Damn. Actually, it was his birthday
yesterday, and I made a minimal effort to give him his
gift. It's a cute little Zorro/masked bandit costume with
a fake gun and fake silver bullets and a mask and some
other cute stuff. And a little stuffed rhino. I had to
get him the stuffed rhino, because I think I still dig
him. We had a crazy mental connection. I could really be
happy with him. Augh, I'm just torturing myself. Oh
well. I'll give it to him eventually. If he ever phone
tags me back. Maybe I should spoil him for Valentine's
Day. I've always wanted a Valentine. A real one. Or
maybe I could pull good ole 12-years-of-crushing Ryan out
of the rafters and suprise him. I bet his roommate would
let me into the house while he's at work and leave some
cute gifts. Correction: *now* I'm torturing myself. I'll
just sit at home and be lonely and depressed and
realistic. He probably has some stanky girlfriend by now
anyway. Some stanky underage girlfriend. Of course,
George has probably already moved in on Rachel, the
prep/punk/poser whore chick. I've never been fond of
Rachel. Oh, why did I dump him?? Now I'm just lonely
*and* sexually starved. And Kelly thinks *she* has it
bad. Ha ha. I'm such a two-faced hypocrite. Love me for

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