Thoughts of Bunny Fu Fu
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2002-02-03 08:09:13 (UTC)


He's possesive... he's narrow minded... he's a jerk. Steve.
Then again, so is Jake. But Jake didn't call me once
today, I was surprised.
He just completely ruined my good mood because I played
Everquest. Yep, thank you. Very well done... So glad that
you care.
He doesn't bother with really trying to make anything
better. 20 minutes go by and he doesn't even try to smooth
things over. Yeah. Let's just stay mad all night.... it's
a great way to spend a saturday night.
I would of liked to have spent this time having a pleasent
conversation with him... but he's controlling, he doesn't
see it... and I didn't for a long time... but now I do. I
don't like it.
It's not a good idea to accuse me of being petty and
trying to get revenge on you either. That doesn't make me
feel better.
Guys.... they be clueless.
I enjoyed my time with Justin on EQ much more than I have
my time with Steve in the past 2 hours. *sighs*
I just want him to understand me like Evan does... to see
me how Evan sees me. I want to be with Evan... but all
that shall come of us is friendship.... for now. Unless
one of us moves to the others continent at least. Being
thousands upon thousands of miles away isn't something I
would want to put him through, or myself for that matter.
I don't like putting myself through being 460 miles away
from Steve... but I do.
At least I've chosen a lesser torture, that's good, right?
Just smile and nod everyone.

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