The Xdruggie Files
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2002-02-03 07:03:59 (UTC)

Drugs are bad M'kay.

Pretty much finished with my 4th step. had sushi tonight-
very good. had to get up for a 7am store meeting at B&N.
Much better night tonight hanging out with people in IOP.
Like spending time with mullet and of course bubba (we are
back together LOL) and i really dig this new chic, Kim. I
got House of Yes on DVD so we watched it. I think they all
liked it. This of course is my favorite movie of all time
so far. Been talking to this guy Scott/John online. Nice to
talk to someone online without the first message
being 'wanna fuck?' or 'how big is your dick?' After having
almost a physical pain from wanting to use last night- i
haven't thought about it at all today. Am reading the Zen
of recovery- that helps. Called my sponsor...and i know i
am bad about isolating when i am pissed off and wanting to
use, but hanging with people seems to help, and i know
drugs are bad for me...i can't control my use, so as long
as i don't use for tonight i am ok.


You can go to the east to find your inner hemisphere...
I'm lonely tonight, I'm missin' you now-I'm wanting your
love and you're givin' it out. Indigo Girls

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