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2002-02-03 05:52:24 (UTC)

The Wash - is what i'm watchin right now

Wow, life is no fun. The band is going great. We've been
playing shows like every other weekend and thats pretty
cool to be able to perform. Love life is going cool too.
Jess is still always and forever there in my heart but as
usual she is not physically there because shes got a
boyfriend. Stacie is more there physically then ever. We
started talking alot and hanging out more often. She told
me she liked me and I was like... I feel the same way.
Because I did. But like always when something good comes
around something else comes to fuck it all up. That
something is Jessie Curro and shes... hot as hell... and
she told me that "she likes me and she has felt that way
for a year... the whole time she was going out with her ex
boyfriend" (whom she broke up with yesterday when he saw
her with me). He's an asshole and apparently doesn't like
me much because I'm hearing from everyone how he wants to
kick my ass. No fear there because 1) I could take him and
2) I've got friends that I can trust to back me up when his
fudge packing friends come running in to help. She just
called me about 30 minutes ago-high as hell which is
something I do not usually like to deal with but she had a
certain way about it that made me giggle-anyway she just
wanted to talk because she was bored and couldnt sleep and
as i said high as hell. We talked for about a half hour
which compared to our 4 hour conversation on the phone from
the other night... was like nothing. I personally hate the
phone and never really liked talking on it. I'm a more fan
of conversing over AOL instead but talking to her on the
phone there is actually conversation because we have almost
nothing in common. She listens to rap, dresses like a
prep, enjoys the use of drugs/alcohol and is not a virgin.
I on the other hand am the exact opposite... so it makes
interesting conversations. The whole Stacie/Jessie issue
is really confusing right now because I like Stacie but
want Jessie and I do that to Stacie because she's been
through alot- particularly recently- and any type of
emotional occurance that isnt positive would probably be
really really bad for her but.. yeah... I don't really know
whats going on... or what to feel... as usual I am confused
and go to this website to release all of that so I can
sleep. Thanks for reading.