My discombobulated rambling of Terra
2002-02-03 05:36:24 (UTC)

things suck!

Okiedokie ..

So Im pleased to announced that I got a note from someone
who read my entry! woohoo! and Now onto the bad news ..

1. I love CJ with all my heart and soul and he .. doesnt
seem to love me.

2. Danny keeps tellin me he loves me and he's soo not my
type (not to meantion not attractive at all in my eyes)

.*.*.* and now to interrupt your regularly scheduled bad
news to tell you about what I look for in a guy (my

He's has to be smart.
He has to like animals.
He needs to be affectionate.
He needs to like alot of affection.
He needs to love me for who i am.
I needs to be the type of guy who I can talk on the phone
with for hours about strange off the wall things and be
totally content in it.
I needs to like to spend time with me, and want to spend
time with me.
He needs to understand that I have other guy friends.
I want a guy who i can talk to on the phone for hours, hand
up and have him call back in 5mins cause he couldn't bare
to miss me anymore...

line. *smiles*

*sigh* I had that with CJ. CJ was like that in the
beginning, and then he changed.

.*.*.*and now back to your regularly scheduled

Stars still leaving for Japan only now he's leavin in a lil
over a month. I'm trying to get him to come see me before
they ship him off. He's still a sniper for da marines (i
wish he wasnt) He's drinking and driving tonight *frowns* I
hope he's ok.

Toni hasn't had any time for me all day today. *frowns*
she's been too busy with other things.

I feel bad cause I went out wif dante lastnight, he drove
2hrs to see me, and we only spent an Hr together cause i
felt really sick.

well dats all i got for today other that this .. I wrote it
for CJ's valentines day card .. but I have no use for it
now ...

Oh how I love you so much, .

and how every day I do more...
Oh my love, I want you so badly,
need you so immensely,
miss you so painfully
and love you so passionately...
You have filled my life with so many earnest wishes,
affectionate dreams,
blissful thoughts and alluring fantasies...
You have revived my soul,
my heart into a whirlpool
of intense emotions,
my mind into stimulations of ecstasy...

You are my friend, my best friend,
my lover and my soul mate...
I search for the words
to express all of this,
I find "US", "WE", "TOGETHER" and "FOREVER"...
I think, I feel, then it is all so clear...
The words are simple, honest and sincere...

... " I LOVE YOU ".