Damsel in Distress

2002-02-03 05:14:53 (UTC)


well, this guy ive been crushin over, he is out of my life
as anything more than a friend. im here for him if he needs
me, but he will never be there for me, and i know that. i
guess time to pick up and move on. besides, joey and i are
really getting along...he and i are going to go out on
valentines day...odd enough..i dont like actual dates, so
ill say hang out.

i dont write here much, just once in awhile...i like the
format at mydeardiary.com...hehe i took forgotten boy with
me to that site. haha. if he reads this hi forgotten boy...
talk to you on msn sometime when im up early.

well im on my meds surgery comes soon... cant wait...yay
-damsel in distress