Is the Supercross season not here yet?
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2002-02-03 05:05:35 (UTC)

EA Sports

Ok... I got a CAR!!!!! Not the crappy old Saturn station
wagon, but a brand new 2002 Saturn SC1... Wow, Ok needless
to say I'm pretty damn happy! Its a funky color but I love
it so, whatever. Muhehehe!!! How awesome. Now I need to
look for a job, to pay for insurance. Fun stuff. ;)
The only bad thing about today so far is that Travis not
only had to go to the semi, but finished second behind
Roncada. Hummm, that sucks. And then there is Roncada
who, "won't take any shit from anyone, anymore." That was
awesome! How many people would really say that in front of
50,000 people? lol, heh, ok its just me I know.
I don't have to get up for church tomorrow for Sunday
school, so that's a good thing. Almost everyone else is at
Winter Camp, so there wont be many people there anyway. I
need my beauty sleep anyway, heh. Yeah, like that will
really help.
I can't wait to drive my car tomorrow. Its amazing how
different it rides compared to the old Saturn. It
actually ... responds! Whoa, imagine that!
Oh wow, they just called Jeff Emig, Obi Wan Kenobi! How
cool! Yup random ... but cool.
Well, I'll ramble more about my car tomorrow, I'm going to
go brush my teeth before the LCQ.

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